How to clean and store cast iron pan?

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How to clean and store cast iron pan?

Cast iron is as close to a flawless piece of cooking equipment as you can find. They are inexpensive, they last a lifetime, and daily use of one can even increase your intake of iron. Can it be done with your inexpensive non-stick skillet? Did not believe so.

However, you might be hesitant to get one if you've heard that they might be a little challenging to clean. It's true that you can't wash them with detergent or even put them in the dishwasher as you would a regular pan. However, cast iron pan maintenance is simple, and once you get the hang of it, you'll find yourself using one all the time. Promise.

On seasoning

In order to make a cast iron pan's cooking surface slick and prevent food from sticking, a thin layer of oil is applied. This process is known as seasoning. Cast iron pans are fantastic because of their seasoning, which has to be preserved at all costs. To preserve the seasoning, you must follow a number of finicky steps while cleaning and caring for your cast iron skillet. Fear not—the majority of cast-iron pans are already seasoned. See the instructions below on how to season yours if it isn't seasoned or looks to require more tender, loving care.

What to avoid?

As was already said, cast iron is excellent for searing meat. Additionally, it works well for frying eggs, making cornbread, crisping fried rice, sautéing veggies, and a variety of other tasks. Do you know what makes cast iron bad for cooking? everything that is liquid and acidic. Rust may be caused by liquids. As was already indicated, acid peels the seasoning; therefore, avoid using it. This eliminates citrus and vinegar, but also tomatoes.

How to clean cast iron pan?

When it comes to cleaning cast iron, soap is a no-go since it removes seasoning as well. Here's how I get around that: take your greasy cast iron pan and scrape it until all food residue is removed using the rough, dark green side of a soapless sponge.Put it on your stove's flame and warm it up until it's dry. When the pan is still heated, add a very small amount of cooking oil and massage it into the cooking surface with a cloth.

How to store cast iron pan?

Cast iron is cumbersome and difficult to store. To be quite honest, the cast iron pans occasionally simply stay on the range at my place. But if you're going to keep them, I suggest hanging them with a heavy-gauge hook or stacking them on a shelf with a paper towel in between each pan. These two techniques will prevent you from ruining the seasoning.

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