How to Use a Cast-Iron Skillet on the Grill

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How to Use a Cast-Iron Skillet on the Grill

You probably know that one of the greatest summertime supper preparation methods is to use your grill. Taking your kitchen outside not only ensures a wonderful supper but also keeps your home cool. You might not be aware that you can bring your beloved cast-iron skillet outside with you. You're losing out on an entire category of simple foods if you're just preparing foods that won't go through the grate. Consider delicate shellfish, saucy side dishes, and even baked goods like cornbread.

Why You Should Grill With a Cast-Iron Skillet

On the grill, everything that can be prepared in an antique cast-iron pan on the stovetop or in the oven is acceptable. Since cooking over a fire was the only option available when this rock-solid pan was created, its performance over the relatively low flames of a gas or charcoal grill shouldn't come as a surprise.

The quick answer to the question of whether a stainless-steel skillet could fill in for cast iron is no. Pans made of stainless steel can only endure temperatures of 500 or 600 degrees Fahrenheit before they start to deform and tarnish. A charcoal barbecue may get as hot as 700 degrees, although the majority of gas grills won't go over 550 degrees. Therefore, keep your stainless steel pans in the kitchen and bring your cast-iron skillet to the barbecue instead.

What to Grill in a Cast-Iron Skillet

Not sure what to make when cooking with your cast-iron skillet on the grill? We have a few ideas.


A good place to start is with fish. Seafood may be challenging to cook directly on the grill since it is fragile, might adhere to the grates, and may even fall through if you're preparing tiny fish, like shrimp. You may safely and securely cook them using a skillet. An additional benefit of cooking fish outside is that you prevent a fishy smell in your house.

Multi-Dish Meals

Another excellent option to quickly prepare a whole supper is to use a pan on the barbecue. Cooking a side of Cherry Tomato Crisp on one side of the grill while cooking steaks on another, or grilling burgers while sautéing mushrooms for the top.

Easy Baked Goods

Use your dependable cast-iron skillet and grill if you want cornbread to go with those grilled pork chops or if you really want to bake fruit for dessert but don't want to switch on the oven. A simple cornbread is perfect for the skillet since it bakes evenly and develops a lovely crust thanks to the cast-iron pan.

How to Adapt Skillet Recipes for the Grill

When it comes to adapting your favorite skillet or oven recipes to the grill, don't overthink it. Just follow these guidelines:

If a recipe instructs you to cook your pan over medium-high heat, preheat your grill to medium-high and watch the built-in thermometer (you want it to be about 400 degrees Fahrenheit); most barbecues come with one. The visual indication you require to add the ingredients is to place your skillet on the grill, pour the oil, and watch it until it becomes thin and "shimmering" in the pan.

Use 300 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit for medium-low and medium, respectively, in recipes. Your grill is hot enough to sear a pork chop and char vegetables for a stir-fry after it reaches 425 degrees Fahrenheit or above. It's much easier to adapt an oven recipe for the grill. Simply shut the lid.

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