Why is your grill made of stainless steel?

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Why is your grill made of stainless steel?

A lot of grills are constructed of premium stainless steel. But what exactly is stainless steel, and how should you maintain it? In this post, we'll look at the benefits of stainless steel barbecues as well as how to clean one.


Due to its various qualities, stainless steel is an eco-friendly material that is ideal for external and culinary applications. It is 100% recyclable. An iron-based alloy called stainless steel contains up to 18% chromium, 8% nickel, and a trace amount of carbon. This amalgamation of components creates a material that is excellent for usage outside, for grills and barbecues, and for so much more.

Your grill is likely built of stainless steel since it has a low carbon content, is simple to deal with when it comes to construction, and is particularly resistant to corrosion. Chromium will prevent oxygen from oxidizing iron by binding it to the surface of stainless steel. However, this does not imply that your grill is fully immune to normal use and the surroundings in which it is housed. You also need to understand how to maintain a stainless steel grill.


Because stainless steel doesn't require further finishing or harsh chemicals to maintain its lifespan or cleanliness, many like to use it for both the interior and exterior of their grills.Additionally, there are no additional chemicals present in the components of stainless steel that might contaminate the food you are cooking. Because of this, it works especially well in culinary applications.


It's simple to clean your grill's exterior. For both cosmetic reasons and to ensure that your barbecue continues to resist corrosion as intended, we advise cleaning your stainless steel barbecue. Your grill may be simply cleaned with warm water and mild dish soap. Wipe any grease and food splatter from your grill with a soft, clean cloth. With a soft towel, dry the grill while going with the grain. Apply stainless steel polish or protector in the direction of the grain after the grill has been thoroughly cleaned and dried.The more you use your grill, the more often it will need to be cleaned.

The surroundings are not conducive to barbecues. Your grill may occasionally develop discoloration that resembles rust. Don't worry; it isn't. Spots on your barbecue might be caused by dust, sand, or pool chlorine. Simply adhere to the directions above to get rid of them.

Grill interior cleaning requires a bit more effort. After removing the freshly cooked food from the grill, turn it up to high for around five minutes. Then, using a grill brush, clean the warming rack and cooking grids of any loose material. This needs to be carried out following each grilling session.The grids can also be brushed after preheating the grill to the highest temperature possible, although this method may leave potentially corrosive food residue, such as sauces and rubs, on the grids until the next time you grill. If you are preparing anything that has to be cooked at a lower temperature, you will also need to wait for the grill to cool down.

Removing the cooking grids and sear plates will allow you to wash them in the kitchen sink with dish soap after your grill has safely cooled. With a putty knife, gently scrape the stainless steel sear plates to get rid of any dirt. Take off the sear plates and sweep any dirt or ash off the burners made of stainless steel into the drip pan.Use the putty knife to push the debris and grease down into the disposable grease tray, then exchange the old grease tray for a new one.

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