How Do You Clean a Cast Iron Pan?

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How Do You Clean a Cast Iron Pan?

How to Clean Cast Iron with Salt and Water

It makes sense that many cooks prefer kosher salt over detergent when cleaning cast iron since preserving its seasoned surface is crucial. Kosher salt's coarseness provides an abrasive cleaning solution that aids in getting rid of particles that have clung to your pan. Here's how to scrub your cast-iron skillet using salt and water, which is frequently regarded as the best method.

1. Allow the pan to cool to the touch, but do not let it cool completely.

2. Generously cover the surface with coarse kosher salt.

3. Sprinkle a little boiling water on top to help the salt clump together into a paste-like consistency.  

4. Scrub the salt off the pan with a sponge, being sure to reach between the ridges and all the way around the sides.  

5. Use hot water to rinse the pan to get rid of salt and debris. If necessary, repeat.

How to Clean Cast Iron with Salt

This approach can be ideal for you if you're adamant about keeping your cast iron well away from water. It works well to remove food that has adhered to surfaces since it delivers the same abrasive scrubbing as the approach described above.

1.Generously season the pan's surface with coarse kosher salt.

2. Apply salt to the stuck-on food by rubbing it in with a folded paper towel.

3. Continue to clean the pan with the salt and paper towel, adding more salt as necessary.

4. After one more wipe-off with a fresh paper towel, discard any salt and residue.

How to Clean Cast Iron with Soap

The notion that you should never use soap with cast iron has also been passed down through the years, just like your cast iron has. But when used correctly, soap and water may be an efficient way to clean fresh cast iron or remove rust. It is advised that you employ the next approach only when required because it has the potential to destroy and erase the flavor-enhancing seasoning you've accumulated over time.

1.In the center of your grill pan, spread a tiny quantity of non-abrasive soap or detergent.

2. Scrub the pan clean with soap and a little hot water, using steel wool, a scrubber, or a sponge.

3. Use hot water to rinse the grill pan.

4. Take a sponge or non-abrasive pad and do one more scrub around the pan with soap.

5. Rinse off any remaining soap residue.

How to Clean Cast Iron with Boiling Water

This straightforward technique can be the best choice for you if you're low on resources or your pan has a lot of huge food particles. Only grill pans with high edges that can hold the water will function with this technique.

1.Return your grill pan to the burner and add two to three inches of water to it.

2. Food particles should start to rise to the surface after a few minutes of boiling.

3. To remove any extra food that has adhered to the ridges, use a spatula to scrape between them.

4. After a few minutes of cooling, pour the water and leftovers down the drain.

5. Use hot water to rinse the empty pan.

6. Wipe away any food residue with a dry paper towel.

Cast Iron Grill Pan Maintenance

Here are some pointers for extending the life of your cast iron, regardless of the cleaning technique you choose:

Never let the pan sit in water or soak, since this might lead to corrosion. If you put a heated pan in contact with cold water, warping might result. To avoid this, either wait until the pan is cool to the touch before cleaning it or use extremely hot water. Your pan may end up with a sticky coating if you don't scrape away extra oil after seasoning. If at all feasible, choose solid shortening.

Do not keep your cast iron grill pan with the cover on if it has one.This may cause rust because it may trap moisture from the air between the lid and pan. To avoid scratching the bottom of your pan when cleaning it in the sink, line the sink with towels.

When you are re-seasoning the pan, heat your oven to the highest setting. As a result, the oil can reach its smoking point and start to degrade, bonding to the cast iron and producing a smooth surface.

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