What are types of smash burger presses?

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What are types of smash burger presses?

Burgers are perhaps among the most popular foods on the entire globe. They are often extremely inexpensive, flavorful, and satisfying. They are therefore a convenient eating option wherever you go. But creating your own burger is the only thing that can compare to eating one.

Imagine the crisp aroma of freshly cooked meat filling the air, the sizzling sound of a patty on the grill, and the delectable burger sauce enhancing the experience. It is easy to understand why having access to hamburgers whenever you want them is so wonderful.

For chefs and household cooks to effortlessly produce delectable cuisine, there are many different griddle equipment options available.But while your demands as a home cook are different from those of a professional chef, the caliber of your tools should also be significant. We're providing you with this comprehensive tutorial to present the two basic types of burger presses as a service.

Is Basting Good for Smash Burgers?

In the cooking process known as basting, a burger patty that has been crushed and cooked in its own juices and fat is cooked. Burgers get even juicier thanks to basting, which increases the flavor of the patties and helps the burger patty absorb moisture. This process also gives your patties a distinctive scent, enhancing the flavor of your burger.

Covering your patties and other dishes with a basting or steaming cover can help you practice basting.A basting cover, also called a basting dome, traps heat while your patty is cooking and promotes softness as well as juiciness.

Types of Burger Smashers

You will normally find two different types of smash burger presses or smashers: a cast-iron smasher or a stainless steel smasher.

Stainless steel smasher

Here's how to use your stainless steel smash burger press to create the ideal burgers at home:

Wash and dry your burger press with a towel after rinsing it with water and soap. When it is clean, put it on your seasoned patty and firmly push down. For a better burger, you might want to raise the pressure because steel is light.

You should move a little bit apart as you crush your burger. By doing so, the burger will be further smushed onto the griddle and won't adhere to the smasher. After usage, you have a choice between hand washing or cleaning the press in the dishwasher.

Cast-iron smasher

If you have a sturdy cast-iron burger press, you may follow these instructions to utilize it:

Wipe down your burger press with a gentle cloth or paper towels to clean it. Never submerge it in water. Add some vegetable oil to the press to season it. To season the press, season the surface with oil. To get the correct thickness, press it firmly onto your pre-seasoned patty. Additionally, it works with patty paper. After using the press, gently wash it down with a dry cloth or towel rather than scrubbing it.

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