A Buying Guide To A Smash Burger Press

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A Buying Guide To A Smash Burger Press

For chefs and household cooks to effortlessly produce delectable cuisine, there are many different griddle equipment options available. But while your demands as a home cook are different from those of a professional chef, the caliber of your tools should also be significant. This is not to say that you should take low-quality items into account, but you should think about a number of things before choosing the burger press that will work best in your kitchen.

We've put up this comprehensive guide with all the details you could need about smash burger presses as a service to you. Find out how to choose the ideal burger smasher by reading on.

How Are Smash Burgers Different From Regular Burgers?

A burger that has been smashed with a spatula or burger press is referred to as a smash burger. Smashing a burger improves its flavor and might make it more juicy. The quantity of caramelization is increased when a patty is pressed or smashed because it increases the surface area touching the flat surface. This enhances taste.

While the patty of a conventional burger is left to cook in its natural state, it is not shattered. These burgers typically have a distinct tongue feel compared to their smashed counterparts and are typically thicker. With regular burgers, you may control the degree of doneness at the expense of caramelization.Depending on how you season and cook them, both burgers may be equally tasty.

How To Choose the Perfect Smash Burger Press

A cast-iron smasher or a stainless steel smasher are the two common types of burger presses or smashers. When purchasing a smash burger press, you should take into consideration the qualities listed below:


Since the weight helps smash the patties more forcefully and intensifies flavor, a heavyweight burger press is typically chosen over one that is lighter in weight. Cast-iron presses are more suitable overall since they are heavier than steel presses. The press shouldn't be too heavy, though—you should be able to raise it.


Burger smashers come in two different designs: round and rectangular. A circular burger press is more often used and is ideal for cooking burgers. To ensure consistent cooking, the meat was distributed equally.Additionally, round grill presses include a lip that prevents a burger patty from being thinned out, maintaining a uniform size and thickness.
For steaks, bacon, and other larger portions of meat that need to be pounded down to promote quicker cooking, rectangular grill presses are employed.


You may select a bigger or smaller press depending on how big or tiny you want your patties to be. A typical round burger press has a diameter of 6 to 8 inches. This would work well with a standard burger patty.


Cast iron is the most typical material for a grill press. This is due to the fact that cast iron is strong, long-lasting, heat-resistant, and available in a variety of forms.A cast-iron press's weight makes shattering patties more effective. Stainless steel grill presses are also available, although they are neither as common nor as effective as cast-iron smash burger presses.

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