The Complete Guide to Purchasing Barbeque Gloves

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The Complete Guide to Purchasing Barbeque Gloves

In the outdoor cooking game, we are in close proximity to a lot of fire and heat. Grill and BBQ mitts that can withstand heat are a good safety measure. They're less expensive than a trip to the hospital!

Grilling mitts are essential. They shield you from the numerous hot objects you operate with.

The greatest grill gloves will enable you to control the scorching charcoal or grill grates without appearing to be an act out of a circus production. When flipping hamburgers, they prevent your fingers from burning. They make handling grill baskets and pots that contain your food easier for you.

However, there are better and worse BBQ mitts, just like in life.

In order to understand why we think these are a necessary item, let's first go through a buying guide that details the differences between grill gloves and oven mitts, as well as the fit and heat resistance of various textiles.

Why Are Grilling Gloves Necessary?

When working at the grill, you can't get away with using the pot holder your grandmother knitted for you. When exposed to an open flame or the heat from a grill, some oven mitts made specifically for use in the kitchen might catch fire.

Because their fingers are separated, grilling gloves offer an advantage over oven mitts. This makes it possible for you to handle hot objects and hold tools over a hot grill with greater dexterity. Pot holders in the mitten design are weighty and potentially hazardous when transferring hot, heavy objects.

Generally, you don't expose your hands and arms to hot surfaces for extended periods of time when cooking in a kitchen. When taking baking pans out of the oven or handling hot handles, a pot holder will do just fine.

Your hands and arms are frequently in direct contact with the fire during grilling. Serious burns could result from one misstep. Furthermore, supporting your arms over such a hot surface can get uncomfortable.

Grill gloves are made to keep you safe from heat like this. You won't have to keep taking your hands out in order to move food around on the grill slowly. Grill grates and hot coals can even be handled with some types of gloves without the need for extra tools.

Do You Require Gloves Made Especially for Barbecue?

Not invariably. They must, however, be built to tolerate a specific level of heat.

For instance, thick leather is used to make some grilling gloves. They're not built the same way as snow shovel gloves. Just because your typical leather gloves are tough and sturdy doesn't mean that they can tolerate heat.

However, gloves designed for other applications involving heat can also be used for grilling. For example, some people decide to wear welding gloves.

There are several different types of welding gloves, according to the professionals at Baker's Gas and Welding Supplies. The most heat-resistant material is thick suede.

Putting on welding gloves could be your best bet if you plan to contact grates or hot embers. They are also significantly less expensive than most barbecue gloves because they are made specifically to come into contact with hot metal and can withstand this kind of heat.

How Should They Fit?

Each user has a distinct choice when it comes to grilling glove fit. The majority are made to fit larger hands. Smaller hands may therefore have difficulty fitting well. 

Usually, grilling gloves are meant to be thrown off in an emergency, which is why they are so big. For safety, you have to give up a little dexterity.

However, if your hand is squirming inside a heavy glove, you may feel uncoordinated. Thicker-lined gloves are better suited for smaller hands.

Because knitted gloves may have more flexibility, smaller hands may find them to fit snugly. Leather and other natural materials conform more naturally to the curve of your hand than do synthetics that are moulded.

Finding the ideal fit may also be difficult for those with large hands. A few expand to accommodate larger hands. But it can be challenging to take off a tight glove quickly.

When purchasing a grilling glove, take into account the wrist cuff's length as well. It may be best to use an elbow-length glove if you want to hold your arms over a sizable grill or open flame. Longer cuff gloves come in handy for reaching inside things like wood stoves, smokers, and porcelain eggs.

A wide cuff will shield your arm and let air flow through it. You can prevent the glove from falling off with a tight or thin cuff, especially if your hands and wrists are small. On the other side, a tight cuff can cause your hand and wrist to perspire when near a hot grill.

How Are Grilling Gloves Cleaned?

Soot from the grill or wood may come into contact with grilling gloves. Additionally, they may become oily while handling food or grease. Especially if they're made of leather or cloth, you'll undoubtedly have to cope with some discoloration.

It's simple to wash certain kinds of cloth gloves in the washing machine. This might be more to your liking if you are interacting with them through food. Keeping gloves clean is crucial when they come into contact with food.

Cleaning them completely may not be at the top of your list of priorities if they aren't touching food. However, contact with charcoal or soot can quickly wear down even a stylish pair of suede gloves. They may lose their appeal after a few uses if they are not well cleaned.

Gloves with light colours are more likely to get stained. If they're white, even machine-washable ones can still have some apparent stains on them. Colours like grey, brown, or black will help conceal stains if that worries you.


You'll need good grilling gloves if you want to spend your time on the grill cooking rather than watching out for burns. It's crucial to strike a balance between heat resistance, comfort, flexibility, and fit.

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