Do you know how to take care of your cast-iron pan?

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Do you know how to take care of your cast-iron pan?

A cast iron pan is simple to clean! no dishwashers A rust-resistant, nonstick surface is produced by a clean, well-seasoned surface. If handled with care, this sturdy skillet will only get better with time. The upkeep of a cast-iron skillet is described here.

How to Clean a Cast Iron Frying Pan

Simply use a scouring pad or a cast iron pan cleaning brush, light dish soap (yes, it's acceptable to use a little soap! ), and a little detergent to clean. It should be well cleaned, scrubbed, rinsed, dried off, seasoned with a few drops of oil, and stored with a paper towel covering the cooking surface.

To remove badly burned-on food, in addition to soap and a scrubby, you may also use some incredibly hot water and a spatula.It's how cooks clean flat-top grills in a restaurant, so it'll work for you, too.

How to Dry a Cast Iron Pan

Now that it has been cleaned and rinsed, watch out for rust regrowth. Simply lay the pan on the burner, crank the flame up to high, and wait for the water to boil out. That cast iron is now almost completely dry.

How to Season Cast Iron

Now, it's clean and dry, but you want it seasoned. "Seasoning" is, basically, oil bonding to the iron. So, in lieu of a class on metallurgy, just follow these 2 easy steps:

1. Heat your clean cast iron pan on the stove until it's crazy hot.

2. Use a wad of paper towels and a small amount of flaxseed or canola oil to massage the pan. Don't put your bare hand near the hot pan. After that, use a fresh paper towel to wipe away any remaining oil from the surface. A heavy layer of oil on your pan is NOT what you want since that will result in a sticky, gooey mess. Allow the pan to cool.

That is the correct way to season a cast-iron pan. Simple, right? Repeat these processes a dozen times, or until the pan appears bright and smooth if you've completely stripped the pan with steel wool and are seasoning from scratch. However, resist the urge to add more oil to hasten the process because it will just result in a sticky pan. One application of seasoning should be plenty if you're maintaining your pan on a regular basis.

Taking Care of Your Cast Iron Pan

If your pan was really rusted, you might want to repeat the heating, lubricating, and chilling steps and reseason it twice or three times before using it. Every time you clean and season cast iron (clean it, dry it on the stove, then oil it and let it cool), you'll discover that your pan gets easier to clean, becomes more non-stick, and even becomes less prone to any rust developing on it. It is true that a well-seasoned cast iron pan is easier to clean.

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