How to Clean Barbecue Tools Correctly for Storage?

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How to Clean Barbecue Tools Correctly for Storage?

It seems to happen every time you need to lift chicken wings off the grill or flip burgers, and when you do, your favourite spatula or tongs are covered in a thin layer of grime, dust, and dog hair. Your grill catches fire before you know it, and you still don't have the necessary tools on hand.

Barbecue tools are big, heavy, and usually cannot be kept in the kitchen, so it might be difficult to find the best place to keep them. We're going to go over some of the greatest methods for keeping your tools secure and arranged so you don't just hang them from the grill's included accessory hooks.

Optimal Methods for Arranging Grilling Tools

Many individuals find it difficult to get and remain organised, and grillers are no exception. In order to avoid finding tools laying around the yard or wasting an hour searching for the meat thermometer, you'll need to set up a system that makes keeping track of items easier. Rather than crowding the kitchen drawers or jamming the pantry, there are several excellent alternatives you may use around the house to store your BBQ equipment.

Affordable Solutions for Storing Grilling Tools

It doesn't have to cost a lot of money to store your BBQ tools properly. By following a few easy steps, you can arrange your favourite grilling utensils for easy access and maintain a clean space between cookouts.

1.Storage bag

BBQ tools can be stored in a good storage container for less money than you might think—it's not only for tucking away Christmas ornaments anymore. Look for a big, reasonably deep tub made of sturdy plastic with a latching top that can withstand the elements.

We prefer bags that are about the size of a suitcase and have wheels on one side. This allows us enough space for our BBQ apron, many spatulas of various sizes, and tongs with long enough handles for pleasant grilling. To make things more organised, use epoxy to secure a magnetic tool holder in a handy location, giving your utensils a specific place.

2.Yard sale results

Look for low-cost options at local yard sales to store your tools in one location if you don't need anything fancy. Over the years, we've seen some creative ideas come to us, including repurposing an old gun cabinet into a grilling tool storage exhibit or using an old truck bed toolbox, file holders, or lockers.

grilling tools

3.Convertible caddies

When applying different sauces and seasonings to different proteins and vegetables during cooking or while preparing a meal, portable caddies come in especially handy. These tools help you keep your tongs, spatula, burger press, squeeze bottles, and other items organized. To help you organise your grilling gear and conserve space, they usually offer places to hang tools.

Though they don't have to be elaborate or expensive, portable grilling equipment caddies should be well-made and easy to clean. In addition, they can serve as a great place to keep clean bottles, basting brushes, meat thermometers, and other useful instruments that often end up forgotten in the kitchen drawer. To save time when grilling, we offer two distinct sets: one for sauces and the other for spices and seasonings.

4.Utility cart

Using a trolley that can hold all of your devices, grill grates, and chunks of wood or charcoal is a terrific option. While metal ones frequently contain a drawer for keeping necessities, polypropylene ones that are employed in food and beverage establishments function perfectly and are simple to clean up. When not in use, you should have a place to roll your cart out of the way.

5.Scaling up for the best grill tool storage

For the best grilling gear storage, check out those tool sheds you see at home improvement stores. You have enough space to hang hooks for every utensil you own, and you also have a place to keep your smoker or grill out of the elements. Charcoal, a folding table, and a utility cart that makes moving around easy are all perfect additions to a work shed.

The ideal storage shed offers a place to arrange other necessary equipment in addition to serving as a place to store your charcoal grills. Having an electric knife sharpener or stone in your tool shed can make it simpler to quickly sharpen your blades when cooking outside. Skewers, grilling hooks, butcher paper, and other non-perishables can be arranged in a pantry. Most people discover that they enjoy grilling more when the necessary ingredients are available and easy to get.

How to Clean Barbecue Tools Correctly for Storage?

One common error we observe is individuals storing BBQ tools improperly—that is, without giving them the necessary care and cleaning. If not cleaned properly, even the best stainless steel spatula can eventually rust and corrode. Grilling tools, on the other hand, are typically subjected to rough use. They can survive longer if you treat them before storing them.

1.Maintaining cleanliness in metal accessories

When it comes to poorly cleaned utensils, spatulas and tongs rank among the worst offenders. When they contain deposits of smoke, grease, oil, and burned food, both can be challenging to clean. The majority of the time, soaking metal tools in hot, soapy water for a few minutes and giving them a thorough scrub is the best approach to cleaning them. Commercial grill wipes are a great way to get rid of stains and debris that have become caught on metal utensils.

After cleaning, one of the best ways to keep your metal grilling equipment from rusting is to give it a very thin coating of oil. Because it is safe for food and won't become rancid, mineral oil is a fantastic option.

wooden bbq tools

2.Maintaining clean wood accessories

We adore utilising metal tools with wooden handles and wood-handled tools. It won't take long for the accessories to start breaking if you don't maintain clean wood. Whether it's your beloved fish spatula, a bamboo cutting board, or the walnut scales on your chef's knife, cleaning wood well before storing it is crucial to preventing bacterial growth. If you haven't already treated your indoor utensils, you might want to consider doing so, as this also applies to them.

Lemon juice is one of the simplest solutions for cleaning most wood surfaces. It's an acid that gets rid of germs. For the majority of wooden tools, all you really need to do is rinse them off with warm, soapy water. It’s important to get new tools if you see sections that are scorched, splintered, or cracking.

When it comes to cleaning freshly cleaned cutting boards, mineral oil works great. When applied in a thin coating, it seals the wood, isn't greasy, and isn't poisonous. We suggest lubricating the handles of knives and tongs with linseed or walnut oil to maintain their flawless finish. Remember that oils might catch fire, so avoid using them while grilling. Also, be sure to thoroughly clean your handles before storing them. People have a reputation for linseed oil catching fire on its own.

Essential Grilling Tools

We believe that there are a few BBQ tools that are definitely necessary. Here's a quick rundown of some of our favourites:

● The best grill brush for barbecues

● The ideal spatula

● Resistant to heat gloves

● An accurate meat thermometer

● A transportable caddy

It may take some time to find the ideal place to put everything, but organising your stuff can increase the enjoyment you get from your barbecue. There are inexpensive, straightforward alternatives as well as more expensive options for keeping your belongings. Find the sweet spot that works best for you. To avoid serving partially-blackened chicken wings at the next BBQ get-together, it is crucial that you clean your tools, store them out of the weather, and keep them close at hand.

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