12 Grill Utensils You Need in Your BBQ Tool Kit

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12 Grill Utensils You Need in Your BBQ Tool Kit

The official names for barbecue utensils and accessories Knowing the names of these grilling tools will be useful throughout the grilling process, whether you're following a recipe or looking for specific equipment.

Knowing what something is named makes it much simpler to find it, whether you're shopping in person, online, or at home looking for the correct equipment. In this article, we'll look at 14 distinct BBQ utensils and equipment, their names, and the reasons why you should have them in your toolkit. Let's start cooking now.

Cooking Tools and Utensils

Up your grill masterchef game with these essential BBQ tools and accessories:

1. Basting Brush

Applying sauce while grilling requires the use of a basting brush. It can handle a larger variety of sauce kinds, is less messy, and is easier to clean than a turkey baster (also known as a bulb baster or basting bulb).

A sauce mop is sometimes preferred over a basting brush. The choice between a basting brush and a basting mop mostly depends on your preferred sauce. Larger portions of food and thinner sauces are perfect for basting, and sauce mops are better at absorbing sauce than a basting brush. Stick to using a basting brush when using richer sauces.

2. Tongs

Tongs are yet another requirement for grilling. To help grillmasters keep their hands away from the flames, grill tongs are purposefully longer than their kitchen counterparts. Smaller pieces of meat, like steak, and more delicate or challenging-to-handle foods, including hotdogs, sausage, kebabs, and asparagus, are ideal for gripping and twisting with them.

3.Food Skewer

Small morsels of food may be cooked on metal skewers without having to worry about them dropping through the grill. Metal skewers provide several advantages over wooden skewers, including the ability to be reused, the lack of risk of splitting, and the lack of a pre-soaking step before cooking.

4. Spatula

The spatula, also referred to as a turner, flipper, or—fun fact—fish slice, is a classic utensil both in the kitchen and around the grill for a reason. It is a must have for flipping patties, pancakes, and fillets.

Grilling Accessories

These BBQ accessories will make grilling even easier:

5. Grill Gloves

The BBQ tool kit should include grill gloves since they make handling hot objects on the grill simpler and are crucial for shielding your fingertips from the fire with more dexterity and a firmer grip than conventional oven mitts.

6. Lid Prop

The grill lid is intended to be held open by a lid prop. It can be the secret to guaranteeing that your burgers, filets, ribs, and other cuts cook to perfection since it helps modify air flow and offers better temperature control.

7. Smoker Box

A smoker box is essential for adding mouthwatering smokey flavor to your meal without having to purchase yet another sizable piece of cooking gear.Transform your grill into a smoker by adding the wood chips of your choosing to a smoker box and placing it on top of your grill grates.

Grill Cleaning Tools

Keep your grill clean and make maintenance even easier with these handy grill cleaning accessories:

8. Grill Brush

An inevitable step in the grilling process is cleaning the grates. This operation will be easier with the use of a high-quality grill brush, which won't leave any bristles behind.

9. Grill Cleaner

Grill cleaners—from scrub to soap, oil to polish—are a helpful tool for keeping your grill clean and safe, even if they aren't strictly utensils.

10. Grill Scraper or Scrubber

You'll need a scraper or scrubber for grill muck that is particularly challenging to remove. These can aid in removing highly baked-on food and oil. After a few uses, a wood scraper really adapts to the contour of your grill, expediting cleaning time.

Grill Toppers

Get the most out of your barbecue with these useful grill toppers:

11. Grill or Rotisserie Basket

There are several distinct varieties of grill or rotisserie baskets, and each form is best suited for a certain activity. For frying delicate foods that may require more support when being flipped, such as entire fish and kebabs, a conventional four-sided basket is ideal. On the other hand, grilling tiny foods like chicken nuggets, veggies, and French fries is best done in an open or pan-style basket.

12. Griddle

By allowing you to prepare a wider variety of foods and meals, a griddle may turn your grill into a distinct cooking place. A griddle is a flat cooking surface designed to be installed on top of your current grill grates and is perfect for cooking tiny, delicate, or runnier food items like shrimp, bacon, pancakes, or eggs.

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