Is It Worth Buying a Chimney Starter?

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Is It Worth Buying a Chimney Starter?

If you enjoy grilling a lot, you are aware that lighting a barbecue can be difficult. Chimney starters assert that the procedure is more rapid and simple. Are they, however, genuinely worth the money?

I decided to give a chimney starter a shot to see whether it lived up to the hype because I love BBQ.

It's crucial to first comprehend what a chimney starter is and how it operates. A chimney starter is essentially a handle-equipped metal tube with a grate at the bottom. After adding charcoal to the chimney and lighting a fire starter under the grate, you wait for the coals to heat up and catch fire. You just toss the coals into your grill when they're ready to cook.

As opposed to the conventional technique of utilizing lighter fluid or other ignite ingredients, using a chimney starter saves time and work.

Chimney starters are also a long-lasting, reasonably priced investment. Before making a purchase, there are a few things to think about.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Chimney Starter

I have experimented with igniting charcoal using lighter fluid, electric starters, and charcoal chimneys, as I like grilling and smoking meats.

I'll go over the benefits and drawbacks of lighting charcoal with a chimney starter.


Quicker than alternative techniques:Speed is one of the main benefits of employing a chimney starter. Depending on the size of your chimney and how much charcoal you're using, you can have hot coals ready in as little as 10 to 15 minutes with a chimney starter. Compared to waiting up to 30 minutes for lighter fluid to burn off, this is far faster.

No additional chemicals: Your food won't taste or smell bad because you're not using lighter fluid or any other chemicals. Because of this, chimney starters are an excellent choice for people who are concerned about their health and wish to limit the amount of chemicals in their meals.

Affordable: A chimney starter is a particularly cost-effective alternative because it doesn't require any further tools or accessories. After purchasing a chimney starter, you won't need to buy another one for many years.


Large size: A chimney starter's size is one of its few drawbacks. Chimney starters can be difficult to store because they must be big enough to contain enough charcoal to start your fire. It might not be the best choice for you to use a chimney starter if your storage space is restricted.

Demands greater work: A chimney starter is simple to use, but it does take more work than other approaches. After adding charcoal to the chimney, you must light it and wait for the coals to become hot. For some, this may only be a small annoyance.

Wind can be an issue: On windy days, lighting your chimney starter with a match or a lighter can be difficult. The wind can blow out the flame, making it impossible to get the coals started. In this case, you may need to use a different lighting method.

All things considered, lighting charcoal using a chimney starter is a quick, simple, and chemical-free alternative for charcoal users. The benefits greatly exceed the drawbacks, so even if it might not be ideal for everyone, I strongly advise trying it.

Heavy Duty Charcoal Chimney Starter

The Right Way to Use a Chimney Starter

The method of using a chimney starter is simple and takes little time or effort. Here's how to light your grill and start cooking with a chimney starter:

Step 1: Get ready

Make sure there are no leftover ashes within the charcoal barbecue and that the grill racks are clean before utilizing the chimney starter. In addition, make sure you have adequate charcoal for the amount of food you intend to cook.

Step 2: Fill the chimney

Add as much charcoal to the chimney starter as you like. Lighter fluid and other flammable liquids should not be used since they can alter the flavor of your dish.

Step 3: Light the chimney

Light the charcoal using the smaller holes at the bottom after setting the chimney starter on the lower grill grates. Please be aware that chimney starters are made to ignite coals rapidly and effectively without the need for lighter fluid.

Step 4: Let the charcoal emit light

Allow the charcoal to burn for ten to fifteen minutes, or until some ash appears on the top of the coals. Carefully pour the heated coals onto the bottom grill grates. If you want to give your cuisine extra taste, add some dry wood chips.

Step 5: Get cooking

It's time to begin cooking when the grill grates are heating up and the coals are covered with gray ash. Once the lower grill grates are equally covered with hot embers, begin cooking your food.

In addition to being a simpler and safer alternative to utilizing lighter fluid, employing a chimney starter will ignite your coals.

You can quickly and simply fire your charcoal barbecue with three easy steps, and your meal will taste authentically smoky and authentic without any chemical aftertaste.

Silver Charcoal Starter Heating Grill Accessories

Comparing Other Charcoal Lighting Techniques With Chimney Starters

There are various techniques available for igniting charcoal, such as electric starters, lighter fluid, and chimney starters, of course.

While there are benefits and drawbacks to each method, chimney starters are, in my opinion, the most practical and efficient way to light charcoal.

1.Lighter fluid

Because lighter fluid is readily available and reasonably priced, it is a commonly used method for lighting charcoal. For a number of reasons, it's not the ideal choice. It can be hazardous to start with, particularly if you use too much or don't give the fluid adequate time to soak in before lighting.

Lighter fluids may even be harmful to your health if consumed, giving your food an unpleasant chemical taste.

2.Electric starters

Another well-liked option is an electric starter, which is undoubtedly more practical than lighter fluid. Nevertheless, in comparison to chimney starts, they might be very slow. If you're in a rush, it can be annoying to have to wait for the coals to turn red hot, which usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. Furthermore, the cost of certain electric starters can be high.

3.Chimney starters

Chimney starters are the last category. They are well worth the investment, in my opinion. In essence, a chimney starter is a metal cylinder with a grate located at the bottom. You put some fire starters or crumpled newspaper beneath the grate and fill the cylinder with charcoal. The chimney effect created when the paper or starters catch fire rapidly draws hot air up through the charcoal. The coals are usually ready to pour into your smoker or grill in ten to fifteen minutes.

Chimney's' greatest benefit is their extraordinary speed and efficiency. Eliminate waiting for an electric starter to heat up or lighter fluid to soak in. Additionally, your food will taste better and be healthier because you won't be using any chemicals. Lastly, chimney starters are generally reasonably priced and should last for a number of grilling occasions.

The Quickest Charcoal Starter

Overall, chimney starters are the most effective, safest, and swiftest approach, though each offers advantages of its own. Investing in a high-quality chimney starter is strongly recommended if you're serious about grilling.

There are a few important things to take into account while selecting the best chimney starter for your requirements. You can make sure that your chimney starter operates successfully and efficiently for many years to come by selecting the one that is best for you.


The material of the chimney starter should be taken into account first. Although chimney starters are available in aluminum, metal, and plastic varieties, stainless steel is the material we advise going with. This material is long-lasting, resistant to rust, and able to withstand extreme temperatures.


Next, you should think about the chimney starter's dimensions. You can cook more food at once with a larger chimney starter because it can contain more charcoal. However, a smaller chimney starter would work better if you're just cooking for a small gathering.


The chimney starter's shape might also have an impact on how well it works. To guarantee that the charcoal heats uniformly, we suggest selecting a chimney starter with a cylindrical shape, which facilitates more effective air flow.


Lastly, take into account any extras that the chimney starter may have. Certain models include ash catchers or heat-resistant gloves, which can be a useful addition to your grilling supplies.

You may have a successful and pleasurable grilling session if you consider these aspects and choose a chimney starter that meets your demands.

In Conclusion

The advantages of utilizing a chimney starter greatly outweigh the disadvantages. It not only offers a quick, economical, and environmentally responsible method of lighting charcoal, but it also ends up saving you time and money. Your meal will be cooked to perfection and have a wonderful smoky flavor.

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