How to Use a Burger Press?

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How to Use a Burger Press?

An excellent appliance to have in your kitchen is a hamburger press. Once you have one, you won't need to buy frozen or pre-shaped patties again. To prepare your own fresh burgers, you may now buy raw hamburger meat.

Because you can use hamburger presses to produce filled burgers or burgers with cheese blended in, we really adore them. However, using a burger press might require some practice, so before you buy one, read on to find out more about how to use one.

How to Use a Hamburger Press

Have everything on hand? Here's how you make amazing burgers with a hamburger press!

Step 1: Prepare the Meat

The ground beef should first be put in a basin. You may now add whatever seasonings or mix-ins you like to the meat (at the very least, salt and pepper).

Step 2: Measure

You should zero out your kitchen scale before placing a piece of parchment on it. Make meat balls of the same size from the meat. You should be able to determine the size of the balls to manufacture using the label on your press.

Step 3: Press the Burgers

Place a piece of parchment paper in your press and then add one of the balls of meat. Press down until the press stops.

Step 4: Remove and Repeat

Repeat step 3 until all of your burgers have been pressed, removing the burger from the press while preserving the parchment paper (it makes the burgers simpler to transport). And there you have it—a whole batch of hand-pressed patties!

How to Press a Burger on a Grill or Stovetop

You may advance to pressing burgers directly on your cooktop or grill once you've mastered the standard method. Although it's a little more difficult, this technique gives your burger an incredible sear.

Step 1: Prepare Your Hamburger

Just as before, you will want to mix your hamburger in a bowl and measure it out into balls.

Step 2: Drop and Press

Place the burger ball on the grill and give it a short squeeze. If your press cannot be used over heat, you can use a spatula or your burger press.

Step 3: Continue and Flip

Remove the press (or the spatula) and flip the burger after pressing for a full minute.
This press-on-the-grill technique is obviously a little sluggish and not advised for large parties, but it is a terrific way to prepare a delicious supper for two!

Tips For Making Great Burgers

Got your press all ready to go? Below are our tips for making great burgers.

Tip 1: Always Season Your Meat

Even if you only season a burger with salt and pepper before pressing it, the flavor will be much improved! Don't offer plain beef to your family! Even when frying frozen hamburgers, this is true.

Tip 2: Purchase 70% or 80% Lean Meat

Even though leaner meat is better for you, burgers require a little fat to be flavorful. As this will help balance health with enough grease to make your burgers moist, we advise using 70%–80% lean beef.

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