How Do You Keep Skewers From Burning?

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How Do You Keep Skewers From Burning?

Grilling food on skewers can be a great method to cook a variety of vegetables for a barbecue or luscious kebabs. However, skewer burning is a common problem encountered by many outdoor cuisine lovers. In order to make grilling hassle-free, this tutorial tries to offer tips and methods for keeping skewers from burning.

1. Recognising the Material of the Skewers

Knowing the material you're using is the first step in keeping your skewers from burning. The way a skewer handles heat can be greatly influenced by the kind you select.

1.1 Bamboo Skewers

Bamboo skewers are not the same as wooden skewers, despite popular belief. A plant called bamboo resists fire better than other woods do. Compared to their wooden counterparts, bamboo skewers are less prone to catch fire and burn when exposed to high heat.

1.2 Wooden Skewers

Even though they are commonly used, wooden skewers can catch fire in hot environments. Wooden skewers can quickly convert to ash if improperly prepared, which can lead to food falling through the grate and onto your charcoal or wood.

1.3 Metal Skewers

Usually composed of steel or aluminium, metal skewers are inherently non-flammable. They cost more than bamboo and wood skewers, but since they can be reused, you can end up saving money with them over time. But they don't have the flavour boost that bamboo or wood skewers can offer.

2. The Significance of Sheer Density

Another factor that may influence your skewers' vulnerability to burning is their thickness. It is less common for thicker skewers to burn than thinner ones. This is because, in comparison to thinner skewers, their larger volume demands higher temperatures to burn. Thick, sturdy bamboo skewers may cost extra, but they're an investment worth making if you want to make mouthwatering grilled kebabs without having to worry about them burning.

3. The Food Skewering Method

Make sure to stuff as much food as possible onto the skewers when making your kebabs. The chance of the skewers catching fire rises if any part of them is left exposed. The food shields your skewers from the intense heat of the grill by acting as insulation. You should be able to still use the remaining skewers even if the very ends burn and turn black.

4. Reducing the Amount of Wood or Charcoal Used for Cooking

How much charcoal or cooking wood you use will affect how likely it is that your skewers will burn. You run the risk of setting your skewers on fire when you use extra charcoal or cooking wood. Start with a little amount of cooking wood or charcoal and add more as needed to avoid this. Use the thermometer, if available, on your grill to check the interior temperature and decide when to add more charcoal or cooking wood.

5. Using the Soaking Technique

It's usually advised to soak bamboo or wooden skewers in water or fruit juice before adding food to increase their resistance to burning.

5.1 How to soak skewers

Put your skewers in a big dish with water or fruit juice to soak them. Make sure the skewers are immersed all the way through. As an alternative, you can submerge the skewers by placing something heavy on top of them. For optimal effects, let them soak for at least an hour or possibly overnight. Take the skewers out of the dish after they've soaked, then add your food.

5.2 The benefit of soaking

While soaking doesn't significantly increase the skewers' moisture content, it does produce a moist coating that keeps them from burning. It is important to note that some individuals believe that soaking is not necessary because the skewers may still scorch after soaking.

6. Gently Turning Kebabs

Kebabs must be flipped when grilling in order to achieve uniform cooking on all sides. To prevent the skewers from breaking, you must use caution when turning the kebabs over. Steer clear of the skewer ends since they are more likely to break from the intense heat. Rather, delicately lift your skewers by the middle and flip them using a pair of tongs.

7. Making Use of a Grill Basket

Another good way to keep your skewers from burning is to use a barbecue basket. Put your kebabs in a grill basket rather than straight onto the cooking grate. The metal basket shields your kebabs from the grill, which reduces the likelihood of your skewers burning. But you have to make sure your grill basket is big enough to fit your skewers' length.

8. The Method Using Aluminium Foil

Aluminium foil is a little-known method for keeping skewers from burning. Using this method, you cover a portion of the grill grate with two layers of foil, allowing space for the food to lie over the foil while the skewers are cooking over the embers. This technique lets the food cook without scorching the skewers, and it also prevents your hands from getting burned when turning the skewers.

9. Keeping Wet Skewers Stored

It may be helpful for those who grill frequently to immerse the full package of bamboo skewers at once. Drain them thoroughly after soaking, put them in a plastic bag that can be sealed, and keep them in the freezer. You'll be able to cook your kabobs more quickly, and they'll keep just fine.

10. Reusable Metal Skewers

If you'd rather take a simpler route, think about buying some metal skewers. In the long run, they will save you time and money because they are reusable and will never catch fire. But keep in mind that metal skewers can get extremely hot, so while taking them out of the grill, wear heat-resistant gloves.

Even though grilling with skewers can be an enjoyable culinary experience, having your skewers burn can be annoying. You can avoid burning your skewers and have a hassle-free grilling session by being aware of the kind of skewers you're using, prepping them correctly, and applying the appropriate grilling techniques.

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