Why Would Your Pizza Stone Be Smoking?

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Why Would Your Pizza Stone Be Smoking?

When you're waiting impatiently for that delicious pizza, do you ever look up to see your pizza stone smoking away in the oven? This is the kind of situation that may turn your pizza night into a smoky catastrophe.

Excessive moisture on the pizza stone's surface is the most frequent cause of its smoking. Steam can build when you set your pizza dough on a damp or cold stone, which will give off that unwanted smoke.

But do not worry! This post will examine the top seven issues that frequently result in a smoking pizza stone and offer workable fixes for each. We'll help you discover the keys to making the ideal, smokeless pizza, from the selection of toppings to oven temperature. Now let's solve the puzzle of your smoking pizza stone and put you back on your path to pizza excellence!

Leftover Meals or Grease

Remaining food or oil residue is one of the first things to look into if you've ever wondered why your pizza stone is smoking so loudly in your oven. This problem can lurk on your pizza stone from past baking sessions and become an unwanted, smokey surprise when exposed to the high temperature of your oven.

Start by thoroughly cleaning your pizza stone before attempting to solve this issue. Before beginning any cleaning, make sure everything has cooled fully. To remove any remaining food, use a plastic scraper or a stiff brush. If you come across areas that are difficult to remove, you can use a solution of baking soda and water to scrub them away. Before putting your pizza on your freshly cleaned stone, make sure it is completely dry by preheating it in the oven. Preheating the stone in the oven will help eliminate the smokey problem caused by leftover fat or food.

Excess Cornmeal or Flour

Another reason for burning on your pizza stone could be too much flour or cornmeal. Using an excessive amount of these substances, which are frequently used to prevent pizza dough from sticking to the stone, may result in the appearance of smoke.

pizza grilling stone

Dust your pizza stone lightly with flour or cornmeal to get around this issue. It just takes a thin coating to complete the task. Smoke may result from an accumulation of excess that burns. Furthermore, make sure to sufficiently heat your stone. By accelerating the cooking of the flour or cornmeal on the surface, the heat will stop it from igniting a fire. With these modifications, you may make pizza without the smoke and relish your delectable dishes without any unpleasant shocks.

Overuse of Seasoning or Oil

Has your pizza stone ever started to smoke like a chimney? Extra oil or spice may be the covert offenders. A well-seasoned stone may bring out the taste of your pizza, but using too much oil or spice might turn your meal into a smokey nightmare.

Make sure you season or oil your pizza stone lightly in order to fix this. Smoke may result from too much oil dripping onto the oven's heating components and igniting. Should your stone be too seasoned, thoroughly clean it and apply a thin layer of new seasoning. In this case, moderation is crucial. A well-balanced application of oil or spice will elevate your pizza-making, without emitting smoke into your kitchen.

Moisture in the Stone

Moisture trapped within the stone may cause smoke to rise from your pizza stone. Any moisture left in the stone can turn to steam at high oven temperatures, which can create an unwelcome smokey scene.

Make sure your pizza stone is thoroughly dry before using it to avoid this. Let it air-dry completely after cleaning or if it has been stored in a moist environment. Before putting your pizza on your stone, you can alternatively preheat it in the oven. By doing this, you can help extinguish any residual moisture and keep it from smoking when baking. You may wave goodbye to the bothersome problem of too much moisture causing your pizza stone to smoke up by utilizing a dry and well-heated stone.

Inconsistent Heating

An unevenly heated pizza stone that starts to smoke can be quite annoying, have you ever experienced this? This frequent problem can occur when your stone heats up unevenly, smoking and getting very hot in some spots.

Fix this issue by setting your pizza stone on the center rack and fully preheating your oven. This guarantees even warmth from every angle. In addition, think about utilizing a pizza steel or a pizza stone with a pizza stone heat diffuser if you're using a gas oven. By distributing heat more uniformly, these accessories lessen the possibility of hot patches that result in smoke. These accessories fix uneven heating, ensuring that making pizza doesn't result in smoke.

Cordierite Pizza Stone with Handle for Oven

Poor-Quality or Broken Stone

Is smoke suddenly coming out of your reliable pizza stone? It could be because of the stone's inherent quality or any deterioration it has accumulated over time.

Solve this by investing in a premium pizza stone made of ceramic or cordierite materials.  These stones heat up more evenly and don't smoke as much. It could be time for a replacement if your stone is already exhibiting indications of wear and tear. Damage or cracks can trap food particles, oils, and moisture, which increases smoke production. You can make better pizza and avoid smoking if you use a freshly created pizza stone.

Cooking for Too Long or Too High

If your pizza stone is giving up more smoke signals than a campfire, it could be too hot to handle or taking too long to cook. A smokey condition may result from baking your pizza at an excessive temperature or leaving it in the oven for an extended period of time.

Check the suggested temperature and cooking time for your pizza recipe as a first step towards fixing the issue. For roughly 10 to 15 minutes, the majority of pizzas bake well between 450°F and 500°F (232°C and 260°C). Lower the oven temperature appropriately if it is higher than what is shown. Additionally, overcooking your pizza might dry out the ingredients and produce smoke. In order to avoid overcooking your pizza, make sure you adhere to the suggested cooking time and monitor it closely while baking.

To move your pizza in and out of the oven quickly, think about using a pizza peel. Using a pizza peel reduces the amount of time your pizza is exposed to the hot stone, lowering the possibility of excessive smoke. You can have a perfectly baked pizza without the smokey aftertaste by modifying the cooking temperature and duration and using a pizza peel.

Heavy Duty Cordierite Pizza Grilling Stone

Last Words

A burning pizza stone can be a bothersome issue in the world of pizza making, detracting from the satisfaction of producing your favorite pies. But now that you know the typical offenders and how to fix them, you can put an end to the smoke and have wonderful, freshly baked pizza without any problems.

Recall that your best ally is a pizza stone that is clean and well-seasoned. A little moderation and good cleaning go a long way. Too much oil, seasoning, or leftover food will turn your stone into a smoke factory. Address the moisture problem by ensuring your stone is dry and heated before use, and avoid smoke-related problems by utilizing high-quality materials and achieving even heating.

Finally, use a pizza peel for quick transfers, and pay close attention to the temperature and cooking time. With these pointers at your disposal, you may make pizza with confidence, forgetting about smoke alarms and enjoying each bite.


1. What's the best way to clean a smoking pizza stone?

After allowing the pizza stone to cool down, use a plastic scraper or stiff brush to carefully remove any remaining residue. To get rid of tough stains, mix baking soda and water to make a paste, then rub the stone with it. After completely drying the stone, rinse off the paste. Never use soap on your pizza since the stone may absorb it and change the flavor.

2. Is there another way to stop smoking besides using a pizza stone?

Indeed, there are pizza stone substitutes available. Pizza steel works well because it warms up fast and retains heat well, making for crispy crusts. Another option is to preheat a cast-iron pan or griddle, which can be used in the oven to replicate the effects of a pizza stone. To avoid smoking, just make sure you fully heat any substitute before putting your pizza on it.

3. What if you don’t have a pizza peel?

In the event that you are without a pizza peel, you can substitute an upside-down baking sheet or a floured or cornmeal-dusted cutting board for the peel. After preparing your pizza, place it on the floured surface and slide it onto the preheated oven stone. This will save you time and effort when transferring your pizza because you won't require a special peel.

4. Can you grill with your pizza stone?

On a grill, of course, you can use your pizza stone. It can improve the grilled pizzas' flavor and texture. To avoid smoking, just make sure your stone is appropriate for grilling, heat it up on the grill, and take the same safety measures you would in the oven.

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