Why and how do you use a grill mat?

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Why and how do you use a grill mat?

There have been grilling mats for over a decade. The grilling mat of today is a thin, flexible sheet that sits directly on top of the grates of a barbecue. Grill mats are made of fiberglass and covered with a resin called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which makes them nonstick. The mat may be used on gas, charcoal, and electric grills because PTFE also contributes to its flame-retardant properties.

Why use a grilling mat?

My main justification for utilizing a grill mat is the ease with which I can cook fish, veggies, and even eggs on it. When cooked directly on the grill grates, soft meals like the ones listed frequently crumble or break apart. The mess that results when food fragments fall to the grill's bottom between the grates.These items may be grilled on the barbecue while remaining intact, thanks to the grilling mat. The grilling mat prevents messy food drips from landing on the grill's grates and bottom.

What about meat?

Yes, you can cook steaks, chops, hamburgers, poultry, and other types of meat on a grill mat. You'll still see those fantastic grill marks even if the cooking time may be a little bit longer—this truly impressed me! The flavor is the same as when grilling without a mat. The fact that any meat marinade stays on the meal rather than leaking onto the grill's grates is another thing I enjoy.

Additional BBQ grilling mat benefits

Grill mats are quite useful. On our mat, we can quickly prepare eggs and pancakes for breakfast. No need to bring a large griddle with you, either! Grilling mats may endure for a very long time and are reusable. We use less or even no fat when using a grilling surface. Using the grill mat seemed to help our food cook more evenly. Grilling is made simpler by the heat-distribution technology included in the mat.

BBQ grilling mats are quite convenient to carry and don't take up much room in our RV. Our grill grates remain spotless. The grill mat is simply cleaned up, and we are finished. Some grilling mats can even go in the dishwasher.

Some cautions

Manufacturers warn grill mat users not to use metal utensils on the mat. A grill mat may be readily scratched or otherwise harmed by metal, much like your nonstick cookware. Instead, use silicone or wood utensils. Never clean the mat with a metal or extremely hard brush. It should work with a gentle brush, nylon-wrapped sponge, or dishcloth dipped in soap.

Check the suggested temperature range on the grill mat. Keep grill temperatures around 500 degrees, according to several mats. Other mats' producers advise against using them near an open flame. It is not advised to stack grill mats or fold them over on themselves. Use only as instructed. A grill mat should never be placed directly on an open campfire. You risk accidentally overheating the mat and destroying it due to how difficult it is to regulate the fire's temperature.

How to choose a BBQ grilling mat?

Before selecting a mat, carefully measure the cooking surface of your grill. Consider the mat's thickness as well. A more affordable, thin cooking surface may heat up too quickly, drying up your meal. Your cooking time may be greatly increased if you use a very thick mat. Take into account your BBQ grill's form as well.

Purchase a mat with the same form for an ideal fit. Or you may buy a mat that you can cut to size. Consider the temperatures that you typically cook your meals at. Purchase a barbecue mat with a rating far lower than the temperature you typically grill at.

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