How to Store Your Grill Tools?

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How to Store Your Grill Tools?

In a small kitchen, it might be difficult to justify storing grill items in a cupboard, drawer, or even the pantry due to their mass and awkwardness. In colder areas, some people prefer to keep their grilling items inside, while others have no problem putting them outside all year. In either case, your grilling supplies should be arranged so that you can quickly locate them after a long day at the office and that they continue to function properly for a number of future Labor Day picnics. See the suggestions for BBQ supply storage below to arrange tongs, skewers, meat thermometers, and more.

Group Items in a Caddy

A carrying caddy, which you may already have lying around the house, whether it's presently storing cleaning goods or children's craft items, is one of the easiest ways to store grilling gear. To make moving items to the table simpler, these handy boxes frequently have one or more handles. A caddy can only carry a certain number of objects because of its physical size. Your preferred long-handled fork, for instance, might not lay flat within the container. So seek out a long caddy designed exclusively to hold BBQ accessories.

Utilize a Rolling Cart

Another adaptable organizer is a rolling cart with three levels. So why not assign one to the grill?The divisions are broader than those of a caddy, so you can fit a bag of charcoal or a large basket filled with serving accessories onto the bottom level. You can hang the essential apron and grilling implements with a cheap pair of S hooks. To keep your cart from rusting, be sure to roll it someplace secure during bad weather. You may also cover it with a canvas similar to a grill cover.

Fill a Bucket

Another method for keeping BBQ items portable is to arrange them in a large bucket. Yes, exactly like the one you keep in the garage for cleaning the car. Skewers, a meat thermometer, and tongs fit perfectly into the fabric organizer's outside slots.In the meantime, nonstick grilling sheets and silicone grilling gloves can be thrown into the middle aperture. Simply grab the bucket by the handle whenever it starts to rain and store it in the garage until you need it.

Install a Cabinet

Consider putting a cabinet outdoors if you're seeking a more long-term solution to storing grilling supplies. It may be fastened to your fence, the side of your shed, or any other wall where there is some room near the grill. You may choose the size according to what you plan to store there. Tongs and spatulas can be hung on the inside of the doors using hooks. Alternately, pick a layout with a door that pulls down, leaving you with a little prep table.

Divide Drawers

One of the best methods to arrange kitchen items is, without a doubt, with bamboo spring-loaded drawer dividers. They make long, thin rows that work well with similarly long tools like whisks and potato mashers. Additionally, they are entirely adjustable, making it simple to fit whatever you need the drawer to contain. When not in use, store items like a grate scraper and a basting brush in your kitchen's additional drawer space. It should ideally be in a drawer outside the kitchen, preferably not far from the door you use to go outdoors to grill. Otherwise, if creating an outdoor kitchen is on your remodeling wish list, think about adding a set of stainless steel drawers.

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