How to Choose the Best Charcoal Rake?

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How to Choose the Best Charcoal Rake?

Do you ever find yourself wondering whether there is a tool that can remove ash from your grill, handle charcoal, move it around, distribute it, split it, and rake it? If so, you are not alone. If that is the case, you are not the only one. In the context of this discussion, the phrase "charcoal rake" refers to a device that can be employed for the purpose of achieving the goal in question. In order to reorganise and move hot charcoal about in your smoker or charcoal grill in a secure manner, you may make use of a charcoal rake, which is a tool that you can use in your smoker or charcoal grill. By utilising the strategy that was discussed earlier, it is possible to achieve this goal.

After a cook has finished their work, it is usual practice to use this equipment in order to reset the hot charcoal and get the grill ready for a steak sear that will be sizzling. This is done in order to prepare the grill for the steak to sear. Following the completion of your use of the grill, you may also make use of the scoop to remove the ash that has accumulated on the grill rack .You are free to carry out this action whenever you have completed using the grill.

What Is a Charcoal Rake?

You should be aware that a charcoal rake, which is also known as an ash tool, is a metal tool that is formed in a manner that is comparable to that of a scoop or spatula. This is an important fact to keep in mind. On the other hand, its major function is to be employed for the purpose of shovelling or moving charcoal about within your grill's interior.

The handgrip is located on the other side of these tools, whereas the blade or head is located on the opposite side. A lengthy shaft that is typically between twenty and thirty inches in length connects one of these two sides to the other. To complete the assembly, each of these components must be put together.

In order to avoid the use of items like broomsticks and cloth hangers for the purpose of moving hot charcoal around, the apparatus was designed to handle hot charcoal from a more secure distance. This was done in order to prevent the use of such materials. In response to your inquiry, the answer is yes, I have been.

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How to Use a Charcoal Rake?

To make use of this simple piece of equipment, all that is required of you is to acquire a pair of cooking gloves, grab the charcoal rake, and rearrange the charcoal in line with your preferences. These are the only things that are required of you.

To illustrate this point, take into consideration the following scenario: You are currently in the process of reverse searing a steak, and the time has come to set the temperature substantially higher than it was previously. A hot zone can be created on your barbecue by using a charcoal rake to dump hot charcoal into a corner of the grill. This is one method for creating a hot zone on the grill. Utilising the charcoal rake is one method that can be used to achieve this goal. In light of this, you will be able to cook the steak in a searing manner.

Charcoal rakes are another tool that may be used for the purpose of removing old charcoal from your grill or for the purpose of scooping out ash prior to using the charcoal. Each of these two alternatives is a distinct possibility. As an illustration, a number of kamado grills do not come with an ashtray that can be removed. As a result, the only option to remove ash from these grills is to either scoop it out or use a shop vacuum. There is no other option available but this one.

If you want to shovel ash effectively, the best tools to use are charcoal rakes that have a modest head angle. This will allow you to maximise your efficiency. When it comes to moving charcoal around, the use of rakes that have a head or blade that is shaped like a 90-degree angle is more successful. This is because the rakes are able to more effectively move the charcoal.

Additionally, a tool that has a head that is tilted at a 90-degree angle can be used to push hot pizza stones, burn wood, and even pick up grates. This head tilt allows the tool to perform all of these tasks.

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How to Select the Best Charcoal Rakes?

To the same extent that heat resistance and the ability to tolerate high temperatures are vital traits for charcoal rakes, they are also critical qualities for anything else that comes into contact with hot charcoal. In other words, anything that comes into contact with hot charcoal is required to have these properties. It is highly likely that the materials that were used in the construction of the rake will be scrutinised in great depth. This is because there is a high probability associated with this.

The angle at which the head or blade is fitted is another aspect that will be taken into consideration when determining which sort of head or blade is most suitable for your needs. In the event that you are in possession of a kamado, for example, you could not realise that a charcoal rake with a large blade is the most effective piece of equipment for the activity that was discussed earlier. On the other hand, a tool for ash that is more compact and can be stored inside the ash box of the kamado rifle would be more effective than one that does not have these characteristics.

When working with a large smoker and needing to move a significant amount of charcoal throughout the smoker, it is recommended that you use a large head rake similar to the one that was described in the previous line. This will allow you to move the charcoal more efficiently. Now is the time to give some consideration to the method by which you intend to incorporate the tool into your work.


When it comes to working with charcoal smokers and charcoal grills, this charcoal ash or rake tool is incredibly helpful, despite the fact that it is a straightforward attachment for barbecue grills. When it comes to dealing with charcoal, there is a possibility that investing a few dollars in this kind of equipment could make the procedure a little bit quicker and easier.

In contrast, the best charcoal rake tool should not only be able to survive high temperatures, but it should also be compatible with your smoker barbecue or charcoal grill. Also, it should be able to handle extreme temperatures.

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