An Overview of Pizza Cutter History

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An Overview of Pizza Cutter History

However, have you ever wondered how people sliced pizzas before the invention of the pizza cutter? It was not always as simple and accurate as it is now. Come along on this journey as we reveal the history of the pizza cutter, from its modest origins to the cutting-edge styles that adorn our kitchens today. So grab a slice and prepare to learn about the amazing history of the pizza cutter—a device that has revolutionized the pizza industry!

The Pizza Cutter's Invention

Pizza cutting has never been simpler or more effective thanks to the advent of the pizza cutter, which is a major turning point in the culinary world. The idea of a rolling cutter dates back thousands of years; however, no one particular is credited with creating it. The Greeks and Romans employed a comparable tool called a "mezzaluna," which had a curved blade, for cutting herbs and vegetables.

Over time, people modified and improved upon the rolling blade idea to create the contemporary pizza cutter that we use today. The late 19th century saw a growing number of pizza cutter patents being submitted, indicating the increasing demand for a specific instrument for slicing pizza. In 1892, Samuel W. Malin received a major patent for a contraption called a "cutting wheel," which closely resembled the pizza cutters used today.

But the contemporary pizza cutter, with its circular blade and grip, didn't arrive until the early 20th century. This design guarantees clean and even slices by allowing easy and smooth cutting through the crust and toppings. The pizza cutter, whose exact creator is still a mystery, revolutionized the way we eat this popular dish.

Who Was the Pizza Cutter's Creator?

The pizza cutter changed the way we eat this delectable food forever. A rolling cutter dates back to ancient times, even though no one person is specifically credited with creating it. The Greeks and Romans employed a comparable tool called a "mezzaluna" with a curved blade for cutting herbs and vegetables. Over time, people modified and improved upon this idea to create the contemporary pizza cutter that we use today.

Wooden Handle Pizza Cutter Wheel

The early 20th century saw the introduction of the circular-bladed, handle-style pizza cutter. The circular-bladed, handle-style pizza cutter was designed to cut equal and clean slices by gliding through the crust and toppings with ease. Despite several patent applications for pizza cutters being made at this time, the precise inventor remains unknown. In 1892, Samuel W. Malin received a patent for a device called a "cutting wheel," which closely resembles the pizza cutters used today.

The pizza cutter has significantly advanced since then, making slicing pizzas with knives a thing of the past. Since its creation, enjoying this well-known dish has become simpler and more pleasurable for people all around the world. Thus, the next time you enjoy a slice of pizza, stop to admire the creativity that went into creating the simple pizza cutter, which has revolutionized the way we eat our favorite cuisine.

Pizza Cutting's Evolution: From Knives to Wheels

The invention of the pizza cutter eliminated the need for people to use knives to cut their pizzas. In addition to taking a lot of time, this procedure made it challenging to cut the pieces evenly. With pizza becoming a household staple and gaining popularity, there was an increasing demand for a more effective cutting tool. At that point, the notion of chopping pizza using a rolling wheel started to take shape.

The progress of pizza cutting was noteworthy when it moved from blades to wheels. The pizza cutter's round blade made for easy, fluid cutting that produced crisp slices that preserved the toppings' integrity. This invention transformed the process of creating and serving pizza, making it simpler for both amateur chefs and expert pizzaiolos to produce flawlessly sliced pizzas.

Pizza Cutters Spread During World War II

American soldiers stationed in Italy during World War II acquired a taste for pizza and took their newfound appreciation of the food back home. The need for effective pizza-cutting tools increased along with pizza's appeal in the US. Pizza culture's development throughout America largely attributed to the growing use of pizza cutters during this period.

Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

Pizza cutters aided in achieving uniformity in pizza preparation techniques due to their ubiquitous availability and utilization. It became a vital tool in pizzerias, enabling more rapid service and uniform serving sizes. As frozen pizzas gained popularity and making pizza at home became more convenient, people all over the world started using pizza cutters as a common kitchen tool. To accommodate a wide range of tastes and requirements, pizza cutters are now available in a variety of styles, dimensions, and materials.

The transition from blades to pizza wheel slicer for cutting pizza completely changed how pizza is made and consumed. The development of the pizza cutter improved eating occasions by making it simpler to cut uniformly thin slices. Pizza cutters have become a vital tool for pizza enthusiasts worldwide as a result of the growth of pizza culture, especially during World War II.

Pizza Cutting Techniques: The Art of the Perfect Slice

While it might seem easy enough to cut a pizza, there are a few tricks that can help you get the ideal slice. A well-liked technique is the traditional "radial cut." To achieve this, just position the pizza cutter over the dough and roll it outward toward the edges to create slices that spread outward from the center. This method produces even, easy-to-pick-up slices of pizza that are perfect for thin-crust pizzas.

Another method is the "grid cut." Rather than slicing across the middle, you make a grid design on the pizza. To make a grid, begin by cutting parallel in one direction, then repeat in the other direction. This technique helps keep the structure of deep-dish or thick-crust pizzas intact and keeps the toppings from slipping off.

Never forget that using a sharp pizza cutter and light pressure is the secret to a flawless slice. As you move the cutter through the pizza, let it do its thing. Don't forget to wipe the blade clean in between slices to keep toppings from adhering.

Food Grade Pizza Wheel Slicer


Although the pizza cutter is the preferred pizza tool for slicing, if you don't have one on hand, you can try a few other techniques. Using a pair of kitchen scissors is one way. Just hold the pizza in one hand while using the scissors to cut through the toppings and crust. This technique can be especially helpful if the crust is extremely tough or crispy.

Another option is the traditional pizza wheel. If you don't have a special pizza cutter, a sharp knife with a wheel shape will work just fine. To cut neat slices, roll the wheel over the pizza similarly to how you would with a pizza cutter. Remember that a smooth cutting motion depends on the wheel's sharpness.

Even though pizza cutters are made especially for this purpose, you may still cut your favorite pizza to a satisfactory degree by using kitchen scissors or a knife with a wheel shape.

Last Words

The invention of the pizza cutter has completely changed the way we eat one of the most popular foods in the world. Pizza cutting has advanced significantly, starting with the simple use of blades and progressing to the invention of the rolling roller. Pizza cutters' effectiveness and ease of use have made pizza slicing a breeze, ensuring that each slice is uniformly cut and ready to be enjoyed.

A pizza cutter is an indispensable tool for any kitchen, whether you work as a professional pizzaiolo or are just a home cook. It's not only for cutting pizzas, either. Other items, like sandwiches, quesadillas, and even handmade dough, can be sliced with it. Without a doubt, the introduction of the pizza cutter has improved and streamlined our culinary experiences.

Thus, remember to appreciate the development and history of the pizza cutter the next time you get together with loved ones for a pizza night. This straightforward yet incredibly useful gadget has simplified the process of cutting pizza, from its inception to the contemporary forms we see today. It's evidence of human creativity and our never-ending effort to make daily activities better. Let's toast to the pizza cutter and the happiness it fills our bellies with!

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